I love to work and see amazing things happen for people in their personal and professional lives. This means, I am committed to collaborating and service when it cause a trickle effect of positive change. As an MBA graduate, my studies included a heavy concentration on statistics and strategy. I have nurtured those areas during the nearly past two-decades through experience serving government and corporate executive level managers and advisers with their Strategic, Performance, Project and Program Management; Internal Process Audits and Data Trends Analysis. I gained experience in content development, contracts and business formation through my service with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in the Law Offices Division and as a Criminal Assistant and Sworn Deputy with the Circuit Court for Maryland.

The creative side of how I assist my personal and professional clients with strategy development is adapted from my second business, LB Innovations, a full service event planning and design firm which focuses on the details and execution of experiences envisioned by my clients. As the Creative Director, I consider elements such as resources, time and space when determining how to integrate my attention and execute the details for each project.

As a Business Consultant, I prefer the title the Creative Strategist because I humbly believe they go hand-in-hand. Strategy implementation is not a cut and dry or black and white process. There has to room for the gray areas and the fork in the road. Working with my clients, I am able to help them really understand the value of what they want to do and determine the best time and opportunity to actually get it done. I am not a marketing or advertising expert by trade, however a large part of the strategic planning services I offer include developing the plan and connecting my clients with the service providers to execute the project when necessary.


Meet LaTasha Briscoe - Creative Coach