Internal Business Audit- what is working, what needs to be kicked to the curb.

Begins with a 15-minute consultation to assess your needs. 

  • Problem Solving: Internal and External Business Issues
  • Process and Automation Review
  • Strategy Planning and Implementation for Goal Execution
  • Three, Six and Twelve Month dedicated consultant terms available

Exit Strategy: Develop Your Personal and Professional Exit Strategy

Begins with a 15-minute consultation to assess your needs. 

  • Protect your assets and reputation
  • Secure your plan B and C
  • Know when its time to call it quits or change
  • Calendar Integration and Block Scheduling

Resume Preparation – Rates start at $50 per page, minimum 48-hour turn-around time required

  • Revise/Edit or Update
  • Research new content
  • Includes Standard Cover letter
  • Includes Resources to build credibility
  • Includes Recommendations to increase experience

Forms, Documents and Contracts- legal representation not implied and should not be assumed

  • Professional and Personal content/topics
  • Small Business Contracts, Forms and Templates
  • Filing and Certified Mail Delivery Available
  • Email, Fax, and Scan Services Available
  • Residential Leases 
  • Court Memorandums, Small Claims and Motions 
  • Creditor Letters and Disputes