What in the world is a Creative Strategist?

Like most entrepreneurs, I spent a lot time focusing on my first passion and what many saw as my God Given talent. However, in addition to being an artist and the creative brain behind a successful event planning business, I also hold a Masters in Business Administration with a strong foundation in how businesses should actually operate. I must be honest and say, when I first started my business, the first five years were executed on a whim. I did not have processes in place or standard procedures to refer to. It was impossible for me to bring anyone in as a team member to assist because the amount of time required to train someone to know everything I had in my head could have been better used planning an event.  It took total burn-out and the desire to quit for me to realize, I was not operating at my full potential because I was cheating myself in areas of life where there should have been some sort of balance or integration. I hated what was once my passion but I knew I had worked to hard to simply quit. I ended up taking a long sabbatical, hiring a mentor and fixing the broken pieces within my business.

Since then, I have made it my commitment to share what I know with others growing or starting their business, no matter what the industry. I understand that my mistakes are lessons for others and it is my responsibility to help a fellow entrepreneur whenever I can. I began mentoring and allowing aspiring event planners and designers to shadow me in my business. In doing this, I have been able to design a formal coaching program for creatives while also designing the concept behind this new venture the industry so desperately needs, Creative Strategy. With the economy on such a never ending roller coaster, it is smart to have a plan on how you will operate your home and business when the unexpected occurs as well as when all things happen as planned. This is called strategic planning. Launching this new entity under my brand as your Creative Strategist is going to be an exciting journey. I hope that you will join me, allow me to assist you when possible and stay tuned (sign up) for my tips and advice to get you to the peak level of performance with a strong strategic plan in place. www.LaTashaBriscoe.com

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