Double Dipping: A 5 part series on Entrepreneurship while Maintaining a 9 to 5!

Double Dipping: A 5 part series on Entrepreneurship while Maintaining a 9 to 5!

For most of us, when we are children, we dream of our dream job. We pretend to be that thing we want to be when we grow up. We become teenagers that are anxious to grow up, way to fast. We get our first job and hate it or realize that’s not what we want to do for the rest of our lives. So, we pursue a career, you know a “real job”. We work for 5 or 6 years and feel like this getting up early in the morning to sit in traffic thing is for the birds. Well, time goes by and eventually eighteen years has passed by and we start dreaming of retirement. While it is still so very far away, we begin thinking about what we are going to do WHEN the time comes.

There is also that small group of people who never dream, wish, or plan. This article or the message included is not for them.

Most entrepreneurs did not have the luxury of resources, an amazing idea, financing or the opportunity to leap as a teenager or young adult to become a multi-millionaire business owner without first experiencing a life of working for someone else. While its not impossible, Mark Zuckenberg is an example, many entrepreneurs had to grow into their vision and develop the mindset required to become successfully self-employed. When you ask or simply listen to the discussions, the fact is, many entrepreneurs began working for someone else and realized they could do what they were doing for them, better and make money for themselves doing it.

This series is for the person that is torn. You work hard but also have a brain full of bright ideas. Creative concepts and amazing new ways of getting things done are filling up your thoughts and you are not sure what to do. The problem is, you have a job so you don’t believe you can or should focus on a dream that or may or may not lead to positive results. If you are torn, consider this: tomorrow isn’t promised, are you good with the draft version of your obituary or do you have more blanks to complete. You see, not pursuing a dream, whether it’s a business idea or some crazy bucket-list adventure could be the one thing holding you back from everything else that you are meant to be doing.

Consider this a disclaimer, I am not the business coach that walks up to everyone that says they want to be an entrepreneur and tells them all the reasons why they should walk into work, flip over their supervisors desk and quit their job (quickly because after that behavior you will likely be fired.) No, I am the Creative Strategist that teaches you how to strategically plan TO your goals. The next 5 parts of this series will give you my personal advice, tips from position papers and colleagues that I have collected  which will give you simple ideas to help you decide if Entrepreneurship is for you and how you can integrate it in your life, even if you currently have a successful career.

Yes, I am here to tell you how you can have both. As a matter of fact, I encourage you to have everything you want and can handle. Stay Tuned and while we are on this journey, let me know your thoughts, personal experiences and hard decisions you have had to make. It may hurt or open your eyes, may even offend a few but what I will share are my truths and what I can say has worked for those that I know. If you don’t like, keep scrolling.

LaTasha Briscoe, The Creative Strategist


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